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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 19, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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rosanna: all right we're looking at times square we see the new york plopped there. boy, oh, boy glad to see them in times square. lots of threats in the last few days. greg: that involved times square folks have been seen the video isis those jerks. seriously those savages come on. they put out another video in the wake of the paris violence
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something bad could happen in new york. j calling a propaganda it video. some of our leaders believe that they're just doing this to scare us us. so it stops us. greg: does remind us and heard it ever since 9/11 that new york remains at the top of their list this is where the terrorist, isis, al qaeda would love to make an impression so this video featured aftermat of paris you saw him speaking of the violent and creepy music in the background. we saw a small vignette of yellow cab, this is clearly new york footage. >> on my facebook page people are weighing in on whether they're going to stay away from times square. melissa says i'm native new yorker you have to live your life to the fullest ivan says after military service that you the vj individual are spom for your own safety be aware.
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>> goes beyond times square i manhattan. other shots in here. this is new york, and calling a signal for bad guys already here. >> we're intrepid new yorkers. go out there and enjoy the world. but be careful. greg: keep your eyes open. all right some developments over the last couple of hours. this new video from friday night, paris, one of the restaurants that was attacked this is surveillance video from inside that restaurant. you can see chaos there's no audio, but you can see people are running away from the gunman. employees, patrons of this one restaurant in paris. if you look closely outside you can see a gunman kind of running down the sidewalk with his weapon. hard to make out the first time you see it, but it is there. rosanna: from the "daily mail"
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they're calling it an exclusive meanwhile we've got some new morning. the prosecutor there says they did kill the mast master mind when they raided that apartment yesterday. >> abaaoud belgium citizen. reports yesterday that he was killed but looked leak almost premature didn't have enough information. >> when they were looking at bodies they were mutilated it from attacks yesterday. greg: how is everybody feeling on streets of new york and what are they seeing? we have a little sample for you right now. rosanna: okay racking up right the reaction. greg: press play. >> i saw this on the news this morning and waiting for a train to go, i don't see any security in penn station.
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the least security i've seen there in months, no national guard. no police. nothing in there right now. so -- they're not -- what are they taking seriously? they faculty 500 more politician in times square because people see that. that is exposure supposed to make us feel safe. >> we all need to be very concerned about what's happening with isis. >> need to be taking all precautions that we can, but you can't live in fear every day. surroundings, be careful. you know, times have changed. >> it's true. you know, we all know it. we grew u up in the city. times have changed but you have to live your life and be careful saiment keep your eyes open. >> rosanna i'll talk your advice. theater.
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>> we prefer netflix and chill >> you love that z show. >> master that was awesome. bust rimes. you want to do just that with cloudy skies. five sky guardian not holding together all that well but light patchy rain coming in and sprinkles and then rain will intensify later on as front passes through here. but for now it's just mild welcome cloudy 61 degrees park as well as newark, al it been town again there are showers out near allentown but not here in the city yet. but we expect it to come to us midday here. winds coming from the southeast around 6 to 14 miles per hour. that's helping to pull up warm air.
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a low 60 at 9:00 in the morning is paparazzi if pretty warm. not done with that looking at more of that southerly flow but showers are going to start breaking out as well to keep your temps from going too crazy here today and seeing good amount of moisture up in this general direction. heavy pockets of rein down to our southwest where we should focus because that is where showers are coming from southwest to the northeast on top of us in the tristate. first the warm front and then the cold front later on. so at first scattered light to moderate showers as we head into early afternoon. later on this afternoon into this evening when we see pockets of heaviers on future cast. 9:00 to 10:00 this evening an dry out after that. drier skies come to us as we make our way into friday and there. even though we have a trough dipping into the area brings more clouds over the weekend. it is more about the cooler temps that we'll see in the
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tristate after today. so today we've got warm one, but wet too. showers and a few ice latessed storms. high temp up to 65 degrees today. next seven days gots high of 58 tomorrow. drop in temps then keel or for you saturday, sunday cooler yet. look at the low it is, though, dropping into the 30s next week. start off with temps near freezing monday and tuesday morning but no more rain after today. over to you. >> do you remember this one? >> legendary performer. safe to say bust rimes is a household name. he's arguably bigger than his music which a lot of people can enjoy. for good what 25 years? >> got a big concert coming up next week they partnered with hot 97. >> a native of union dale, long island. >> u grew up in brooklyn. i think that's where -- no. >> born in brooklyn.
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>> that's where you get your swag from bust. don't say really nassau county where you got your swag? [laughter] you know, i can't discredit long island. brooklyn is definitely the foundation. greg: we know how to roll -- >> when i bring that up. you stay right there. megyn writes hot 97 she's involved with this big concert that's coming up. >> hot for the holiday it is december 5th at the prudential center. okay welcome to you both. >> indeed. >> how did you put together this concert you have an interesting, old, new sound at the concert. >> it is really not about old and new but greatness. i don't think you can put a time
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beautiful part about the concert is that a lot of the people that's on there that's coming o out to support, you know, this festive moment for me -- they are all time is greatness you know what i'm saying, like diddy we've got mary j. blige. lil wayne. >> somewhat new -- >> buttening he's one of the new artists that's going to be around for a long time. because freddie was able to figure out how to find his own sounds, lane, distinguishable thing. that makes freddie freddie and only two out there right now. >> megyn one of our favorite ddges you've been promoting the heck out of this on the radio. >> oivelg, of course. of course. most exciting about this is that it is bust rimes in front that means you don't know who is going to show up.
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>> this is really like a -- been idea i've had for three, four years because i knew that this moment was coming. next year is officially my 25 years, so -- rosanna: congratulations. >> i felt to go into the 25th year celebration would be only right to have a concert where it's all of my friends and family been there for moment my growth to support the moment with me. >> is jay-z there. i know that you and jay have like this high school rap thing going on? right didn't you have a rivalry? >> not a rivalry. respectable competition where we respectably competed, and it was fun. rosanna: who won? >> thought the same thing. had his moment. >> on another show that he so -- you is set the record straight.
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>> he his moment and he won. we was doing a speed rap thing. at that time -- >> what's that? >> i'm sure you're familiar -- >> she's g rock. >> probably even knows the verse from look at me now with chris brown and lil wayne because i heard about your alter ego. >> i've heard heavy d from catalog all of that. i'm in tune with what you've been doing and i did research. >> are you impressed somewhatsome >> he's available by the way for the concert. >> might have to put you somewhere in the lineup. a great contribution in the grand scheme of things. >> possibly. you're saying he won that -- >> when we did a speed rap battle but that inspired me to do -- the most relentless speed rapper or have that as one of my --
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my weapons that wear. i don't think jay jay-z want that problem with me now. >> are there tickets still available? >>, also listen to hot 97. listen on our list, an any time we go commercial free for 90 minutes we're giving them away. >> tbus over the weekend, a big show that people are talking about, master of none i knocked out the whole thing you show up cam crow. we have it cued u up. tells us how this came about, how u did you look it? >> it was fine. it was easy, probably one of the most pleasurable experiences i've had ever on a film production set and i'm in love with -- an incredible talent. he's a marming hip-hop supporter and busta rhymes fan. >> you were playing. >> it was easy, fun.
9:13 am
was really a hip-hop connoisseur. he reached out purely from a place of having love for busta rhymes flattered because i'm a big fan, and i didn't expect that call. bus it was an amazing, pleasant surprise, and i will definitely come out to represent for them any time he sends the signal out. >> you free styled your line. the one about the shrimp. [laughter] best one of the whole episode. >> through his work i've seen he's got the way to introvise in a moment and allowed me the freedom to do the same so made pleasurable experience. >> master of nonon netflix. really cool. all right.
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>> while we can see on fox she helps out with the empire show. : i feel so bad i never get to see you guys. like oh, my -- >> hot at work. >> it is awesome. i get with -- steven normally there. but yesterday it was deferent. me simone. ladies, allison, an pretty much we talk about all things empire. our greatest moments we had a special dj. yesterday i got to dj. so i was excited about that. i also talked about the yesterday big thing babarap hot 97 he was the dj the big battle yesterday. so it was awesome. great time. >> so busta yesterday timbaland is doing the music. >> friend of mine. you guys all get along. >> incredibly. [laughter]
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>> there was a point at what maybe 15, 20 years ago where it seemed like there was a large feud. big feud in the community but all a mellowed out. >> not always -- everyone is not going to always agree or be kumbaya but you know what i'm saying -- the good thing is of the most incredible thing about hip-hop koasming edginess and respond spontaneity that keep it is alive and forefront of the climate shift in culture. >> how about spontaneity how -- >> i really think that i put about 25 years of free styling you to -- of. how about you megyn? >> i can't free style. >> g rock from nation saw county.
9:16 am
>> put a bounty. >> don't be messing with me because i am -- of a certain mentality. you get too close, i will go for your varicose. [laughter] >> when you hit mentality going with something that went with mentality. >> i'm going to get back into the -- >> should we? >> you i think he needs for holidays warm up for us now. greg: being very polite. >> ready for the holiday. >> we all heard that awkward. >> one more time from the top. >> i have to sit dun and write this crap. [laughter] >> you want it right u now? >> comes off the top of your head? >> if you're in the moment and you know, music is right.
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>> busta rhymes your real name is trevor smith that ain't no myth. you might be big and wearing that sweatshirt -- >> but i'll give you a gift. create a climate shift. elaborate on that one. >> just hang hadding with you gives me a lift. >> i already used lift. i said lift, gift, climate shift. >> you think i'm a nerd with the middle name of biff. >> take a whiff. >> rosanna scotto -- i know what i'm going to do right after this. aisle going to get blato. >> how about a sip of moscato body shot. >> i like stallone. you can never make a clone -- >> i like how he changes his voice too. [laughter] >> you know that thing school of rock.
9:18 am
you can sell a thing for hip-hop. >> that would be awesome. >> that right there. your first school of rock for hip-hop you can take a white guy and suddenly make him cool as if he just drank a myti. >> look -- >> we're happy that we made you laugh this morning. >> he's got some problems. [laughter] and he probably should be in an institution. or o maybe he should just go -- shoot himself so he don't embarrass himself anymore. poor. >> that's how he does it. push you to the left. >> she's my security blanket. she gave me a lot of life license there, didn't she? >> i was just laughing.
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all in good fun. tells about the concert again. when is it, are tickets available? >> december 5th. prudential center. newark, new jersey, everybody needs to definitely come out. lil wayne. mary j. blige. if you have daddy, freddie rock. g rock. shawn paul i'm happy to add that it has been added to concert. >> it is bust busta rhymes and frepgdz pmg >> ever go to hemp stead turn pike. >> i don't remember. i don't remember the blimpy. >> where do you eat in union dale? >> i didn't. when i was in school in union
9:20 am
dale, we would probably go -- wait a second. >> keep talking i'm going to attack this. >> you can't that's security right there. security. definitely a concoction in between singer. so in any event, though, they have this -- pizza spot right on jerusalem no union dale avenue and good rich we used to walk straight the block from school there, we had like a study hall class or something and we would just go down there, and it would be hangout spot as well as the spot that was -- >> nobody studied in study hall even in garden city. everybody blew off. >> school was no school during that. >> great hanging. >> pleasure. >> always a pleasure. appreciate it. >> jada kiss. >> one of new york's most incredible emcee not just one of
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very proud, and honored to not only be a friend of jada kiss, she had the family. but incredibly a fan of the fact that we've been waiting long time for jada kiss to drop his new album and dropping it november 20th so we have a big congratulations for come seek the royal caribbean. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable expected. call now to get more. more speed. like, 300 meg. demand. more places to make more
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greg: hey, everybody. that's jadakiss. we want to congratulate him on his new album top five dead or alive. comes out let's see, tomorrow. >> it does. we're so excited because this guy -- knows how to do it. so many great, great rap style it is there and busta likes him so cool as him. so jadakiss is -- approved by busta. welcome to "good day new york" we have you in human form right there. and bust form. [laughter] look at this. trophy essentially a sculpture of jadakiss on the album cover. >> this is album corp..
9:25 am
is all hispanic hishing historic album. >> so that is a strong way to kind of put yourself out there and maybe open yourself up for maybe one or two people who might criticize you. >> the people in the top 5 not tooting my own horn or o patting migs on the back but fans and people gave me that tag and i'm running with it. one? >> album or bust? >> the project? >> historic because awferl my albums are like heavily anticipated. you know, but this one with the name being top five it cause so much debate it is like a religious discussion. that goes on forever, everybody is top five that is different. for me to just being a discussion is a beautiful thing,
9:26 am
eyes on it. >> the word of the raps are real. and it's not just about you know taking a limousine ride and living high life. >> not at all. when you talk about real life issues, relatable l things that fans are gravitate is always a better reception. things that touch home seem to go further. everybody can't party. everybody don't have a ferrari or buy 100 bottles in a club but anybody can relate to somebody dying in their family or their mom having cancer, or stuff look that pip keep to real issues with my life and stuff they can relate to. : makes a lot of sense jadakiss they're all it be let's party but that's not life for motion of us.
9:27 am
but as a flip side to that also. you're into juicing and getting out there. >> we own three juice bars one called juicers for life. we're trying to bring healthful awareness to our neighborhood. they put a lot of fast food lek core stores, things look that in neighborhood. we try to put juice bars in the neighborhood. educate our people in the neighborhood and putting it in your body before it is too late. >> do you juice regularly? >> i'm on a role with promoting album so i can't get it like i need to. but at home i work out two, legal times a week and juice often. >> you see that stuff dlushes, but bad for you everywhere you turn. >> you're in the community.
9:28 am
>> has the naked -- neighborhood changed? >> changing a little for the better. they're doing some building an front. you know, schools could get a little a better and sports, activities ain't the same as whens was younger but u we're working on it. >> top five alive on tomorrow. g rock might need you on the road. >> i don't know if anyone wants to rewind after they heard me, i should be strung up, nevermind. [laughter] >> like behind. you. by the way where are "the juice" bars? >> one is 126th castle hill avenue in bronx. other is east tremont in the bronx and one in yonkers is 211. juices for life stop by. get you a juice.
9:29 am
>> by the way who did this beautiful sculpture of you. i want this -- a great friend of mine madison who did that. he made it happen in real life it looks great. >> shall we call you now that we've had the intimate discussion jada or kiss? >> whatever yowpght. right thing. >> you can call me jada or kiss or jason. >> good to know. >> you're all right. rosanna: congratulations on the new album. top stories dead or alive in stores right now. >> heard this by now we've had a professional photographer. a true artist take our picture. her name is lois greenfield. she is brilliant, and she really specializes in people -- >> and movement getting people
9:30 am
be right back. greg: this is a unique book club in that we collaborated with the author. artist on a special project.
9:31 am
lois greenfield this is rosanna and i last friday had n her studio. a remark public photographer with decades of experience under the belt. >> so unique had her outlook i love it. so much movement and she's photographed stars, musicians done major ad campaigns. >> you see it in progress right there. look at the end result there. we look look mr. and mrs. superman. called it "moving still" let's show that book cover here she photograph it is in some of the world greatest dancers. lois greene greenfield welcome to good day new york. >> i don't know how you did it making us look god. were you on trampoline how u did you create that effect? >> you were there. you saw it. you just did it. i asked you to jump. we have a scarf we wanted to play around.
9:32 am
made it happen. i let you be you and i didn't overdirect you. flattering that you took our pictures in moving still you took pictures of talented dancers they're airborne essentially for a living. fnght moving in still pictures basically. hence the totally. >> it totally makes sense. >> why? >> tell us more about why you're so intrigued by capturing people in -- mid, mid-movement? >> i think i'm interest in the the fact that photographer can can reveal a very thin slice of time that we can see with our eyes when you were jumping at the studio i didn't see that moment but i had to anticipate it. like people around it only existed as a photo. >> that makes sense. >> can anybody be a subject?
9:33 am
do you look for a certain type? people who can move? >> i'm looking for people who are very expressive, and very interrogatory not defined vocabulary and perfect foot or jump, but a dancer who can introvise because i'm not wog with choreography and help me create these momentses momentses that actually can't be seen on the stage because they're never part of a dance they're a one, two, three, go. jump. >> you're making something seem forever. >> so beautiful look at these -- they really are creations. >> did you always do movement or gradually work up to that? or start off as a photographer. photographer. >> what newspaper? >> called real paper in the book in phoenix back in the early 70s in boston.
9:34 am
so there are lots of riots, rock 'n' roll events. affiliate fun stuff kind of a combat zone which is opposite of where i am now in my studio on my tripod asking everyone to jump for me. >> the book is a work of art. magnificent. a coffee table book. i think we can get a picture of it right there. let's go ahead. here we go. >> i know you have the bock. do you do commercial work? can someone hire you to photograph their family? >> not the normal thing i do. usually what i do is sthng that comes out of the artwork and way that i depict them in motion that becomes metaphorical. >> what is metaphor here? take a look. what is happening here other than rosanna and i being goofy i think it is maiming call magical but if you could put it into words. >> retrospectively.
9:35 am
i shot it because i said jump. it is so exuberant holding this crossing the victory line and you dapper. you did that moment. >> i don't ever photoshop anything. >> so some of your assistants were helping with beautiful scarves. trying to get a comment from me. see the microphone is thrust at me kind of like what a reporter would do. >> i feel that's luke our
9:36 am
>> the cord make it is a wise greenfield "moving still" is available everywhere. >> a beautiful gift today with the holidays coming up. a beautiful gift to give or to keep for yourself so. >> one for them one for you. >> we can? so cool really we'll never forget it. thank you very much lois. >> fabulous subjects. rosanna: coming up they're the hot tells duo in make uup. pixy whew they have a youtube
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>> we've got to figure out a way to get bigger on youtube. >> they are huge on youtube. >> used to be cats falling down trees. that was the thing everyone watched but e they have makeup videos viral. >> sam and nick chapman known as pixiewoo not doing anything so difficult that we can't. dumb it down for us, so to speak. sam an nick welcome all. >> hello nice to have you back on "good day new york." >> thanks for having us. doing a little holiday makeup with a big event in brooklyn.
9:40 am
>> we want to show you how to make a holiday look really simple and easy. >> the thing with your makeup, it is not overdone. >> how do you get along? >> sisters? >> good today. who's the boss? >> it depends. [laughter] >> me secretly. >> break down, the youtube thing how did this start? a lot of us associate it with watching cat video or dog videos. cute, makeup instruction wasn't the first thing. >> far too much more than it was ten years ago it started with makeup artist seven years ago i was he have pregnant i film it and stick it on youtube and took off from there. >> brilliant. [laughter] so you're facultying glittery eye shadow on. >> holiday season you need
9:41 am
glitter in your life. >> look it is fabulous with this eye shadow. >> if i put it on i would look look -- >> put it in the right place and we'll show you how to do it. >> not likety drank too much? >> no, not big chunks of glitter but small bits and then it is classy. >> i'm gong to remember that. >> you can get this glitter in your eye. >> you need a good brush. >> kohl's in brooklyn doing demonstrations? >> normally people come and we say thank you for watching us and if we have with time -- >> people talk about makeup brushes, and yeah great, fun. >> how do we monetize this? what are we selling? >> we have a range of makeup brushes. . that's it.
9:42 am
gorgeous brushes. you have to feel the ends? >> made out of? >> synthetic like a superhigh grade synthetic. >> can i do anything to greg to make him sexy? >> great as he is. >> we'll do a david bo by thing meet you at kohl's, right in brooklyn? >> 35 -- 5 to 7 today thank you for being here, and red lips also. festive. very initial. we're neck. up it our neck in art. take a look at this stuff here. >> this guy is a great pop artist. >> the empire state building. his work featured remember that tv show. a good frien i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records
9:43 am
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find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery. go to [laughter] you and i should we be trusted in an art gallery? >> good question. rosanna now, this is what i call art. i want this thing king kong climbing empire state building. >> iconic work. a lot of people know who brett morris is. been there for a long too time but
9:45 am
>> brett morris has a show in soho welcome to "good day new york." >> what inspires you, you're so schism like the coffee cup. >> it was inspired 25 years ago about the coffee cup generation. my idea was to create icons that would valley culture, andy who opened up or doors for me, so my goal to take simple icons and create them as a brand to showcase them. that coffee cup start on the tv show friends. >> i knew it. >> all over the world had seen that coffee cup. >> came to us in that cafe where they hoping out in that -- >> very cool. there it is. actually -- they use my art throughout the show so a nice beginning for what i was doing back then. >> tell us about king congress and entire state building.
9:46 am
emphasize i love king kong as a kid. >> wed agree. what is up up with coca-cola? >> celebrated that are 100-year birthday monday. so as an art itself why not create something? so energy colors i wanted classic coke color, red, silver, black, whoot with a whole body of work tonight debut contemporary art, and you'll see all 100 pieces. 80 of them already sold. so kind of -- >> already. what are they gong for? give us an idea? >> 4500 a piece. and they're all unique one of a kind piece. spray paint. akrill egg on canvas.
9:47 am
>> i wanted a classing coke icon that was the bottle. my dad's favorite dpri so i had to make a symbol that we all know. and best icon in the world. >> i know you said you were it been spired by andy did you get to meet him or work with him? >> i went to carnegie university so did he. i'm from pittsburgh, so i was inspired by comic book in the cartoon you can see in my art but he opened it up. >> rosanna and i both met the guy. so much more -- >> but i have to tell you he wasn't the friendlyist. he was quiet. >> genius. >> amazing person you can see market has bloap blown up. >> the chrysler building one of my favorites. >> being in new york we thought it was appropriate. so contemporary art has shown my work for years, so they showcase my work here.
9:48 am
>> do you know by the way these are offices there's a dentist who has an office in the window? up there they have regular offices. >> allowed to touch in? can i e? >> original acrylic painting on canvas so it takes five to six coats of paint for every color. drying process is a flat pangting but the coke paintings are rougher, straight but they're also i used a cross to create all 100. how long? >> it took about a year in the process to create the idea. >> bored of doing cook bottle? >> i drank a lot of coke. >> talk cash. you've sold 1890. >> ave wife and two daughters. i want to mac sure they're okay. >> live in new york? >> los angeles.
9:49 am
>> paintings range from 10,000 up to $50,000. >> i'll get back to you on that on the original offer. >> affordable now if you live in new york you have to make some money. 4500 a piece. but they're original . look at this. >> we have to turn him upside down. : 30 years ago created 100 campbell soup box paintings that inspired me and selling for $800 a piece then. now worth hundreds of thousands. 0 30 years later. >> so you have to call the gallery of course. contemporary art. >> so a lot of these works will be at the gallery tonight. >> you know an amazing gallery. i think it is going to be a huge turnout so many clients, fans, friends who are coming. >> i want to show you our art
9:50 am
club an mages this happens more than you think in museums. >> has this ever happened to you at a gal rid? >> they show up and break something. >> i think it is funny. but being a living artist but i think it is something that's exciting. art is meant to be seen and enjoyed. i -- you know love to just, you know, look at the process and i'm known for the flat paintings. >> king kong is smiling there. he's happy. >> before he fell down. do you remember that big faux pas with the art mr. wynn in vegas . >> put his elbow through the picasso. wouldn't have been fun. [inaudible] owned it. >> it is nice because you can
9:51 am
>> burton you're great. >> thank you for having me. >> big show tonight. >> contemporary art 259 bowery from 7 to 9. >> sham pin and white wine.
9:52 am
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